“For over 50 years, UNTHA shredders have been ensuring that waste materials can be recycled economically in various industries – one major area is the production of substitute fuels. Our technology is used all over the world. And we are very pleased when interested parties from all over the world – this time from India – become aware of us and visit the UNTHA headquarters in Kuchl to get to know our company and our shredders”, says Alois Kitzberger, CEO of UNTHA shredding technology GmbH.

GCCA: Commitment to greater sustainability

The GCCA India was founded in 2019 to work with the Indian cement industry to drive forward projects for greater sustainability and innovation. Members of the GCCA are CEOs, managers, sustainability officers, department heads and technical managers in the cement industry. This collaboration focuses on topics such as energy, climate change, the circular economy, and the associated reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of new technologies and the use of alternative fuels. These are of particular interest as they generally consist of different materials that contain both high-calorific fossil carbon (e. g. in plastics) and biogenic carbon (e. g. in textiles and paper). The latter helps to reduce emissions from industrial plants such as cement works, as it is 100 percent climate neutral.

The trip was organized by Hans-Jörg Hörtnagl, Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in New Delhi. The aim of the GCCA delegation was to find out more about the production and use of substitute fuels: Their first stopover in Salzburg was the UNTHA headquarters in Kuchl, where the delegation was first given a tour of the company and the production facilities. This was followed by a tour of the Struber Entsorgung plant. UNTHA shredders are used there to produce substitute fuels from commercial, industrial, and bulky waste. This was followed by a visit to Kuchl’s mayor – Dr. Thomas Freylinger (ÖVP) – on the premises of the municipality. There, Reinhard Fanninger, Sales and Business Development at UNTHA, informed the participants about the work of Struber Entsorgung and the waste management processes in a municipality like Kuchl. Finally, the delegation visited the company LEUBE, where substitute fuels are used to reduce CO2 emissions from the production of building materials and concrete components. This gave the visitors a comprehensive insight into the theory and practice of the production and use of substitute fuels.

title: Members of the GCCA (Global Cement and Concrete Association) from India visited Austria at the invitation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber to learn more about the use of refuse-derived fuels (RDF), their production and the technology required for this. One of their stopovers was the UNTHA headquarters in Kuchl. (source: UNTHA)