Lindner continues its expansion with the foundation of Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat (India) LLP with its headquarters in Delhi. Together with Chirag Verma, Co-owner of Lindner Bharat, and Ganesh Karankal, Sales director of plastics recycling, the aim in this dynamic environment is to develop sustainable recycling solutions for the waste and plastics industry.

India, with its 1.4 billion people, is the second most highly populated country in the world and is presently the fifth largest economic power. While about 62 million tonnes of waste is produced every year and rising, the rate of recycling, which varies depending on the type of waste and region, still has growth potential. A range of initiatives by the Indian government are intended to raise the population’s awareness of this issue and help to increase the amount of waste recycled. However, as well as regulation, recycling requires appropriate technologies so that the wide range of reusable materials – including plastics, electronic scrap, and commercial, industrial and domestic waste – can be fed back into the circular economy.

“By founding Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat we want to contribute to returning greater quantities of reusable materials back into the loop or the circular economy. This needs the right shredders and system solutions as well as the relevant expertise. Together with Chirag Verma and Ganesh Karankal, who are both experienced and respected businessmen, we wish to promote the expansion of sustainable recycling solutions in the Indian market and contribute our expertise,” says Manual Lindner, CEO and owner of Lindner Recyclingtech.

Lindner Recyclingtech is considered a pioneer in the recycling industry. The founding of Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat adds another site to the subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, Singapore and France. Lindner, with its mobile, semi-mobile and stationary shredders, also provides turnkey solutions for the processing of refuse-derived fuels (RDF) and plastics recycling. “Lindner has been manufacturing RDF successfully for many years. With Lindner Washtech we also have a wealth of experience in plastics recycling, which will continue to grow thanks to the cooperation with Erema, the branch leader in extrusion,” asserts Ganesh Karankal, sales director of plastics recycling. “Lindner is synonymous with quality and expertise – characteristics that our Indian customers know and appreciate.”

Chirag Verma, Co-owner of Lindner Bharat, is also enthusiastic about the partnership. “India is a densely populated country with huge volumes of waste. According to estimates, the mountain of rubbish will rise to more than 400 million tonnes by 2050. There is a lot to do in the area of recycling. Together with Lindner, we want to support the efforts of the waste and recycling economy in India and are looking forward to this challenge.”

Picture: The foundation of Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat LLP on  July 04th marks a significant step towards expansion. Experience spanning decades of processing plastics along with domestic, industrial and commercial waste should help establish a sustainable recycling economy in India. From left to right:  Patryk Max, Chirag Verma, Ganesh Karankal, Gerhard Gamper, Manuel Lindner. Photo: Lindner Recyclingtech


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