Country Manager in Geminor Denmark, Kasper Thomsen, is now in charge of international operations in the Geminor group. “Our current growth in Europe demands more focus on logistics”, says Geminor’s new Operations Director.

After over 6 years in Geminor Denmark, first as Logistics Manager and from 2019 as the Country Manager in Denmark, Kasper Thomsen is now moving on to the position of Operations Director in the international resource management company.

Thus, Thomsen goes from being responsible for the Danish market to taking charge of the company’s international operations. At present, Geminor has offices in 10 countries and handles over 2 million tonnes of waste resources annually.

“Geminor is growing significantly, both in terms of tonnage, number of employees and offices in Europe. We are moving into new markets and are actively working to adapt to a very dynamic recycling industry. This is why we need to consolidate our operations and cooperate better across Europe. Focusing on synergies in the organization will be paramount to the operation of our processing facilities, our logistics teams, and our sales teams in all countries”, says Thomsen.

Logistics in particular, which is Thomsen’s field of expertise, will receive extra attention in the time to come.

“We work within waste management but are just as much a logistics company. We acquire these services across practically all transport solutions, whether it is ship, rail, container, or road transport. Considering the current growth, it will be beneficial to coordinate and optimize the procurement of logistics throughout Europe,” says Thomsen.

“I have very much enjoyed being head of the Danish team, but it will be exciting to take on the responsibility of international operations in the group”, says the new Operations Director, Kasper Thomsen.

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