The Cat MH3050 represents a significant further development in the field of material handlers. With the powerful Cat C9.3B engine, adaptive operating modes and innovative safety functions, it sets new standards in terms of efficiency and performance. The flexible adaptability enables optimum handling of different tasks. Intelligent safety features such as E-Fence and Cab Avoidance underline the focus on safe operation. In addition, the machine not only offers impressive reach, but also a modern cab for comfortable and safe operation.

Powerful extension: The Cat MH3050 at a glance

Caterpillar is expanding its range of material handlers with the powerful Cat MH3050 model. This material handler offers impressive performance, proven reliability and first-class cab comfort for industrial applications.

Efficient Cat C9.3B engine: environmentally friendly and versatile

The Cat MH3050 is equipped with the robust Cat C9.3B engine, which can be operated not only with biodiesel up to B20, but also with the alternative fuels HVL and GTO. The maintenance-free exhaust gas aftertreatment system meets the EU Stage V emissions standard, reduces operating costs and maximizes uptime.

Flexible power adjustment: Power, Smart and Eco modes

The MH3050 offers a range of 18 meters. (Photo Caterpillar)

With a choice of Power, Smart and Eco modes, the MH3050 adapts perfectly to different tasks. This enables fuel savings without sacrificing performance. The material handler offers an impressive reach of up to 18 meters with boom and stick, which enables efficient material movement over a large radius.

Innovative technologies for safety and ease of use

The premium cab of the MH3050 is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that increase work safety. E-Fence and Cab Avoidance prevent unwanted movements and contacts, while the Cat Payload checkweigher supports precise load targeting. The revised cabin design improves all-round visibility, and the numerous cameras offer optimum visibility in all lighting conditions.

Intelligent maintenance functions for maximum production time

The MH3050 is characterized by intelligent maintenance functions, including a longer-lasting hydraulic oil filter and coordinated replacement intervals for fuel filters. The automatic central lubrication of the uppercarriage and the monitoring of operating data by the Product Link telematics module make maintenance easier and increase production time. The automatic reversible fans fitted as standard ensure full performance in daily operation. More about Caterpillar.

Cover photo: Caterpillar