In the field of technically oriented applications, the Volvo EW240 material handler in its grid-connected version presents a pioneering innovation with regard to decarbonization. The “wired” EW240 Electric Material Handler expands the existing range of battery electric machines from Volvo CE. Electromobility is also becoming increasingly important in the construction machinery/recycling industry. But what can alternative concepts look like if mobility is not the focus, but machines work predominantly stationary as soon as they have reached their destination?

A prime example of such considerations are material handlers, which are mainly used in stationary applications in the waste and recycling sector and deal with the handling of residual and recyclable materials. For this special scenario, Volvo CE has developed the EW240 Electric Material Handler together with an authorized partner. The special feature: Thanks to a permanent cable connection, the virtually silent machine can be operated around the clock without the need to fill the diesel tank or recharge batteries in between. The suitability of the electric material handler for indoor use is obvious due to its emission-free operation.

Also ideal indoors (Photo: Volvo)

The EW240 Electric Material Handler is not only more environmentally friendly, but also opens up new business opportunities outside conventional working hours in sensitive environments. Its low-noise, emission-free, low-vibration and low-heat operation benefits not only the machine operators themselves, but also all employees on site. Sustainability is put into practice here.

While the waste and recycling industry already forms the backbone of an effective circular economy, the focus is now also on the necessary plant and machinery: clean and resource-saving equipment is another key to comprehensive CO2 reduction, which more and more industrial companies are committing to as part of their own sustainability goals.

If environmental goals can also be combined with more cost-efficient solutions, this opens up significant potential for all parties involved. The electrified EW240 Electric Material Handler scores highly in this respect with unbeatable maintenance intervals. The elimination of engine-related consumables such as oils and filters reduces downtimes and costs to a minimum.

In summary, the EW240 Electric Material Handler with cable connection is the ideal choice for static applications to simultaneously increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The electric material handler offers the same performance and functionality as conventional machines, but without the need for charging or refueling stops.

  • Volvo’s EW240 Electric Material Handler sets new standards in the construction equipment industry for stationary applications, especially in the waste and recycling sector.
  • The permanent cable connection enables virtually silent and continuous use without refueling stops or battery charging times, ideal for indoor use and environmentally friendly business opportunities outside conventional working hours.
  • The EW240 not only scores points for environmental friendliness, but also economically with unbeatable maintenance intervals and the absence of engine-related consumables, which minimizes downtimes and operating costs. Same performance as conventional machines, without charging or refueling stops.

There are also no compromises in terms of comfort. On the contrary: In addition to the quiet, low-vibration and emission-free operation, the electric machine offers the same “feel-good cab” that also characterizes the diesel-powered Volvo excavators. The hydraulically elevating Care Cab from Volvo CE offers, among other things, an air-sprung and heated seat as well as excellent visibility, including rear and side view cameras and LED headlights.

Technical data

Model: EW240 Electric Material Handler

Operating weight: 26,200 kg

Max. Range: 12 m

Rated power: 90 kW at 1500 rpm

Motor type: Asynchronous, three-phase

Motor start: with soft start

Rated voltage: 400V, 50 Hz

Cable length: up to 100 m