At the ARBURG Technology Days in Lossburg (Baden-Württemberg), we spoke with Dr. Christoph Schumacher about sustainability and recycling. You can read the interview here. During the event, a high-performance injection molding machinene from Arburg, an Allrounder 720 A, produced high-quality plant pots from OSKO. How can modern recyclate be processed into high-quality products with 100 percent recycled content without any problems in terms of quality and process? Der Grüne Punkt provided Systalen® brand post-consumer recyclate (PCR) for this purpose.

“We produced four plant pots each from the PCR material Systalen® on our electric Allrounder 720 A in a cycle time of just 4.8 seconds with consistently high injection molding quality,” says Reiner Schmid, expert for the packaging sector at Arburg. “Digital pilot functions in the Gestica control system, such as our new ‘aXw Control RecyclatePilot’, ensure consistently constant mold filling. This means that the PCR can be processed practically as easily and reliably as virgin material.”

“We have been processing recycled plastic from the dual system, or better known as the ‘yellow bag’, for ten years. We also use colors and additives that make the pot recyclable. This is how we return the pot to the dual system. The cycle begins again. The recyclate of the Systalen® brand Green Dot can be processed excellently and the quality is comparable to that of virgin material,” explains Ralf Ostkotte, Managing Director of OSKO GmbH, Ochtrup.

Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of Der Grüne Punkt. (Source: private / Linkedin)

“Our Systalen® post-consumer recyclates are an important contribution to closing the loop,” emphasizes Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of Der Grüne Punkt. “I am very grateful to ARBURG for this live demonstration, because it shows how easy our Systalen® can be processed and what possibilities it offers.”

The Allrounder 720 A “Ultimate”

With a clamping force of 2,900 kN, a size 1300 injection unit and in the “Ultimate” performance version, it achieves very high injection volume flows and injection speeds of up to 400 millimetres per second thanks to high-precision servomotors from sister company AMKmotion. The “Ultimate” performance variant is designed for high-speed and demanding processes. The direct-drive machine is characterized by a particularly high power density. For homogeneous material preparation and consistently high product quality, the exhibit is equipped with Arburg’s recyclate package, which includes hardware and software elements. The adaptive process control with the help of the “aXw control RecyclatePilot” feature results in a stable shot weight in addition to the recyclate package.

PCR Systalen®

PCR is plastic waste from household collection (Yellow Bag & Yellow Bin). These are first sorted by type of plastic in sorting plants and then delivered to the Systec Plastics GmbH recycling plant in Hörstel as unmixed bales of recyclable polypropylene (PP). After successful quality testing and several shredding, separating and washing stages, the shredded and washed plastic flakes are melted, degassed, microfiltered and finally granulated into high-quality Systalen®. The post-consumer granulate can be used to produce new packaging or products, such as flower and plant pots from OSKO.

Cover picture: Source Arburg