As part of its increased commitment in Europe, Krall Kunststoff-Recycling has signed a disposal contract with the distributor Sunclear, a leading French supplier of semi-finished products such as sheets, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, pipes and profiles made of plastic, aluminum and composites. As part of this agreement, Krall is responsible for disposing of the recyclable materials that arise as waste during cutting or processing at all 16 French Sunclear branches and their customers.

Krall supplies these collection points with its customized pallet cages, which are then filled and transported back to the company.

The approximately 250 tons of plastic waste generated by Sunclear each year consist mainly of PC and PMMA, polyolefins (PP and PE), styrenics, PET and PVC. There are also engineering plastics and composites with aluminum. Krall processes the plastics into unmixed regrind, which can then directly replace virgin material in many applications as part of the recycling loop, thereby saving considerable amounts of CO2 compared to virgin material.

Louis Krall, authorized signatory: “Sunclear attaches great importance to the integration of recycled raw materials and the search for environmentally friendly processes. Our modern technology of pure separation and processing using a high proportion of solar energy fits in perfectly with these objectives. For us, this partnership means a considerable strengthening of our presence in France. Discussions with the Italian subsidiary and with Sunclear’s customers suggest that we will continue to expand our activities in Europe. We are thus underlining our claim to be a top international address for the disposal and reprocessing of recyclable materials that were previously used in architecture, transportation, interior design and advertising, for example.”

Cover photo: Authorized signatory Louis Krall after signing the contract with Sunclear (Source: Krall)