At NPE 2024, a hybrid all-rounder will demonstrate how an ABS recyclate can be processed into high-quality molded parts and returned to the material cycle. The exhibit from the Hidrive series is equipped with the new hybrid machine technology from Arburg. This is particularly energy-saving, resource-conserving, production-efficient, user-friendly and reliable. This allows the benefits of both the electric and hydraulic worlds to be utilized – namely speed and precision paired with power and dynamics.

Arburg’s finely graduated hybrid machine technology is comparable to all-electric machines in terms of dry cycle times and injection speeds. This makes the new Allrounder Hidrive (H) an energy-saving alternative to hydraulic machines and an economical alternative to electric machines that has never been available on the market before.

ABS recyclate fed back into the cycle

At the NPE 2024, an Allrounder 520 H “Premium” with a clamping force of 1,500 kN processes 100% recycled ABS from SEG – made from recycled washing machines, dryers and refrigerators. A 1+1+1-cavity family mold is used to produce a machine stand, a granulate container and a control unit in a cycle time of around 50 seconds on a scale of 1:18. These are then separated from each other in a cutting station and complete a 15-piece set for a model all-rounder. A Multilift Select V 8 linear robotic system removes the molded parts and places them in a box. A crate changer provides around two hours of autonomy.

Sensor-controlled tool monitoring for high quality

The “aXw control ReferencePilot” control assistant and a pressure sensor ensure that the holding pressure is regulated very precisely based on the pressure curve in the mold and that fluctuating material viscosity is compensated for. The result is high-quality molded parts with similar properties to those made from virgin material, but with a significantly reducedCO2 footprint. In this application, the “Moldlife Sense” computer system enables sensor-controlled mold monitoring over the entire life cycle. The recorded data is transferred directly to the Gestica control system via an OPC UA interface. This indicates corresponding faults and performance-dependent maintenance intervals, thus enabling predictive maintenance.

Cost- and resource-saving alternative

The Hidrive series combines an electric, energy-efficient and precise clamping unit with a powerful and dynamic hydraulic injection unit. It is characterized by attractive purchase and operating costs as well as a very good energy andCO2 balance. A new feature of the new hybrid all-rounder “Premium” is the standard flow splitting, which splits the available volume flow of the main pump as required thanks to the latest Varan valve technology. This enables simultaneous movements of programmably controlled hydraulic secondary axes such as ejector and core pull – without technology stages or multi-pump technology. This saves energy, costs and space on the machine and increases production efficiency.

Thanks to a new oil management concept, the Allrounders require up to around 35 percent less oil. The required cooling water output can be reduced by up to 70 percent and the drying time is also reduced by around 40 percent.

Three power variants for optimum customization

The hybrid all-rounder Hidrive is currently available in sizes 470, 520 and 570 and in three performance variants: “Comfort”, “Premium” and “Ultimate”. The first two variants are equipped with Arburg servo hydraulics (ASH) as standard, whereby the speed-controlled, water-cooled servo motor adapts continuously to the actual power requirement, thus enabling particularly energy-efficient and low-emission operation. At the same time, the machine’s cooling requirements and noise level are also significantly reduced. The “Premium” performance variant achieves dry cycle times of 1.2 seconds. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as the production of precision components for the automotive and electronics industries. The standard equipment includes a planetary roller screw drive and the “Arburg electromechanical dispensing” (AED) function for longer dispensing times.

The “Ultimate” version is specially designed for high-speed and demanding processes. AED and hydraulic accumulator technology, which ensures a constant pressure level, are also included as standard. The result is dynamic, fast and simultaneous movements and more options for process adjustment. The Gestica control system with the “aXw Control ScrewPilot” function compensates for disturbances in the filling process and keeps the mold filling stable. This ultimately enables injection precision on a par with an electric injection unit to be achieved.

Picture at the top: The hybrid Allrounder 520 H in the “Premium” performance variant combines a precise clamping unit with planetary roller screw drive and an injection unit with Arburg servo hydraulics (ASH). Photo: Arburg

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