In a landmark move for the industry, Lindemann and Mitsubishi Electric have embarked on an exclusive partnership that promises to revolutionize the landscape of intelligent drive solutions and control technology within sustainable metal recycling.

Amid the backdrop of economic challenges confronting the European metal recycling industry, innovation is quickly emerging as a cornerstone for prosperity. Shredders are known for their high energy demands. However, the integration of low-maintenance frequency inverters on three-phase asynchronous motors presents a game-changing solution. Retrofitting this technology into existing shredding systems not only unlocks new levels of efficiency but also heralds substantial savings in energy consumption, wear, and maintenance costs. This, in turn, translates into heightened productivity, enhanced availability, and an unprecedented boost to overall system efficiency.

The partnership represents a resounding victory

Both Lindemann and Mitsubishi Electric have recognized the transformative potential of this innovation, triggering a collaborative effort to penetrate and redefine the market. Already, the fruits of this partnership are evident, with several projects successfully executed. Plant operators, quick to embrace this groundbreaking solution, find themselves reaping the benefits of heightened profitability and operational optimization.

“The partnership represents a resounding victory, not merely for our respective entities, but for the entire industry,” Stefan Knauf, Division Manager of Factory Automation at Mitsubishi Electric, underscores.

Carl Gustaf Göransson, CEO of Lindemann, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing, “The vast opportunities inherent in the metal recycling market underscore the importance and potential of this collaboration.

title photo: Lindemann