SPECTRO Analytical Instruments introduces a new generation of the SPECTRO XEPOS. According to the company, this represents a further quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF), outperforming conventional ED-XRF instruments with performance that often matches that of wavelength dispersive WD-XRF instruments, at a significantly lower cost of ownership.

The latest SPECTRO XEPOS is characterized by numerous improvements:

  • Improved spectrum deconvolution for higher accuracy of screening methods – even for difficult samples with complex spectra.
  • Up to 2x shorter measuring times than the previous model – with comparable precision. The speed can be a decisive advantage, especially in applications with high counting rates. For many samples, a complete analysis can be completed within one to two minutes.
  • Thanks to a new multilayer package, the SPECTRO XEPOS can now analyze the thickness (down to the nanometer range) and composition of up to eight layers and for up to 55 elements on one substrate. The package simplifies the measurement considerably as there is no need for layer calibration samples. It provides a reference-free analysis based solely on solid pure samples.

Strong for demanding tasks

SPECTRO XEPOS masters quick overview analyses as well as precise quality controls. It is predestined for a variety of applications, such as in the petrochemical/chemical industry, for the analysis of environmental and geological samples, ores/concentrates/tailings, clinker/cement/slag, cosmetics, food and animal feed, pharmaceutical samples and many more.

SPECRO XEPOS (Photo: Spectro)

Four model variants are used to optimize the performance for the relevant element groups in the corresponding matrices. Other features of the SPECTRO XEPOS include an innovative 50 W / 60 kV X-ray tube and a unique adaptive excitation technology that provides the highest possible measurement sensitivity and is optimized for the desired target elements.

Software offers user-friendly packages

The “SPECTRO XRF Analyzer Pro” analysis software offers proven convenience and a range of optional pre-calibrated application packages. In addition, the unique TurboQuant II analytical package of the SPECTRO XEPOS enables fast and precise analysis of unknown liquids, powders and solids of all kinds.

Additional enhancements include a low energy window detector to improve routine analysis, extended calibration ranges to accommodate the new capabilities of the device, and easy transfer of calibrations to other devices of the same design.

In addition, AMECARE Performance Services maximize the uptime of all SPECTRO elemental analyzers. Hundreds of experienced service engineers in 50 countries provide high-quality, customized support to ensure optimum performance and the longest possible service life of the devices.

Cover photo: Spectro