Visitors to Fakuma 23 showed great interest in the new products from WIS Kunststoffe, including bio-based plastics and regranulates from the post-consumer material stream. The newly introduced cleaning granulate “Schneckenputzer”, consisting partly of recyclates, also met with a very positive response. A presentation by Daniel Römhild, authorized signatory at WIS Kunststoffe, on the subject of high-quality, certified regranulates was perceived as a special highlight in the trade fair forum and attracted numerous visitors.

WIS Kunststoffe presented itself at the trade fair as a recycler, compounder and distributor of high-quality plastic compounds for a wide range of applications. The company presented numerous product applications made from its high-quality recyclates, both from the post-consumer sector (PCR) and from post-industrial sources (PIR), thus making the diversity of its product range tangible.

The highly efficient cleaning granules of the Schneckenputzer brand, which were presented for the first time, were also a particular focus of interest. Thanks to its own production facilities, the company can respond to the individual needs of its customers and monitor the quality of its products at the highest level in its modern, in-house laboratory.

Wide range of application-specific recyclates

At Fakuma, WIS Kunststoffe presented odour-optimized polypropylene and polyethylene as well as technical recyclates that are ideal for sensitive applications such as toys or household products. For the automotive industry, the range includes special “high-tech” regranulates that meet the high standards of the industry and already comply with upcoming legislation.

Investing in sustainability and quality

WIS Kunststoffe has recently made considerable investments in its technical equipment, including new extruders, testing equipment, sorting and washing systems and other modern recycling technology. This enables us to meet the high quality demands of our customers. Furthermore, the company is currently building a large photovoltaic system in order to produce CO2-neutrally in the future and generate electricity from its own systems.

Lecture on the topic of “Bioplastics & high-quality PCR regranulates in practice”

Visitors found Daniel Römhild’s presentation on “Bioplastics & high-quality PCR regranulates in practice” particularly interesting. He presented various approaches to sustainable plastic granulates and highlighted their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to recyclates, biodegradable materials and materials made from renewable raw materials were also discussed. His presentation also covered bio-based polymers, which are certified according to the ISCC+ approach. There were many questions from the audience and the future of the circular economy was actively discussed. Due to numerous requests, the presentation can also be sent to you afterwards on request.

Managing Director Siegmar Römhild (left) and his son Daniel Römhild (right), authorized signatory at WIS Kunststoffe, enjoyed the interesting discussions and the exchange about specific projects and applications. The new stand was very well attended throughout the entire duration of the trade fair. In his presentation on the practical application of bio-based plastics and high-quality post-consumer recyclates, Daniel Römhild showed that the products developed and manufactured by WIS Kunststoffe deliver what they promise in practice. “We look forward to returning to Lake Constance for the next Fakuma in 2024, once again with a highly motivated team and many new innovative surprises,” says Daniel Römhild, looking ahead to the coming year. (Photo: WIS Kunststoffe)

Cover photo: The entire WIS Kunststoffe team was delighted to welcome numerous visitors during Fakuma 2023 (Source: WIS Kunststoffe)