BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH has taken over the marketing and further development of SynCycle technology in partnership with Next Generation Elements GmbH, leading to a strategic realignment.

Since 2020, BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH (BDI) and Next Generation Elements GmbH (NGE) have partnered to develop SynCycle technology, based on the T:Cracker, for the chemical recycling of plastics. They have worked together to establish an industrial demonstration plant for SynCycle technology in collaboration with KRUWE GmbH in Kühnsdorf/Carinthia/Austria.

The joint efforts have successfully combined individual expertise into a comprehensive process solution. As part of their alliance, BDI, in collaboration with Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT), EOSS Industries Holding GmbH (EOSS), and the Rieckermann Group, will now take over the marketing and further development of SynCycle technology. The know-how developed by NGE and the T:Cracker product for processing polyolefins into pyrolysis oil will be adopted by BDI. Moving forward, the reactor process technology will be further developed at the Kühnsdorf site, and the technology will be rolled out worldwide as part of customer projects.

They have already acquired a first reference customer from Europe who will industrially employ SynCycle technology starting in 2025. NGE, as part of the NEXT GENERATION GROUP, will now focus intensively on the experiences gained with preparation technologies concerning dry, wet, and melt preparation. The synergy of these preparation technologies is a significant success factor for the implementation of projects in mechanical and chemical recycling toward a sustainable circular economy. The experience and knowledge regarding the end application and end product enable the NEXT GENERATION GROUP, with its leading companies Next Generation Recycling GmbH (NGR) for melt preparation/extrusion and HydroDyn Recycling GmbH for wet preparation/washing technology, to technologically conceptualize, design, engineer, and implement comprehensive solutions, providing customers with a qualified technology partner along the entire value chain from plastic waste to product.

As part of the realignment, NGE has transferred its shares in SynCycle Operations GmbH to BDI. The pyrolysis technology for biomass, “PyroDry” and “PyroPower,” which are also owned by NGE, remain unaffected by these changes and will continue to be developed independently.

Picture: Refence plant at SynCycle Operations GmbH (Kühnsdorf/ Carinthia/ Austria) (source: NGH)