IFE Aufbereitungstechnik, a globally active company in material processing technology, presented its latest innovation at this year’s IFAT 2024. The i-STEP system establishes a new product division consisting of sensors and smart analysis tools and offers customers the opportunity to optimize material handling processes.

Helmut Tröbinger, Global Director Sales at IFE with the i-STEP (Photo: Axel Gerhartz)

The i-STEP system comprises various tools that enable customers to make the operation of their processing machines more efficient. The core components of the system are

i-STEP Vibrosense Sensor

The i-STEP Vibrosense consists of a sensor and an accompanying smartphone app, which together enable simple and well-founded vibration analysis. This technology makes it possible to detect deviations quickly and thus reduce downtimes and extend the service life of the machines. The system is compatible with all common platforms (Android™ and iOS) and can be shared and exported directly from the app. The connection to the sensor is made via Bluetooth.

Main features of the i-STEP Vibrosense:

– Complete vibration analysis of the machine in just a few seconds
– Connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
– Rechargeable battery
– Screw mounting or magnetic mounting
– IP67 certification for industrial use
– Simple retrofitting of existing machines

i-STEP Workbench

In addition to Vibrosense, the i-STEP Workbench offers a comprehensive online platform for the continuous monitoring of material handling processes. This platform supports a variety of functions, including condition monitoring and a central documentation center.

Advantages of the i-STEP Workbench:

– Permanent monitoring and analysis of material handling processes
– Support for preventive measures to extend machine service life
– Reduction of downtimes through early fault detection
– Simple operation and integration into existing systems

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Cover photo: i-STEP (Photo: Axel Gerhartz)